Custom Metal Wall Tiles

It’s hard to create a design that is truly one-of-a-kind when using pre-fabricated materials. Even if you find materials with interesting patters, you are still using products that have been used in countless other projects. By opting for a custom solution, however, you can bring a vision to life in a way that no one else has before. For custom metal wall tiles that meet your specs without breaking your budget, call Stylecast Tiles today.

Don’t Settle For Almost

As you look around the market to see the pre-fab metal wall tiles that are available, you will likely find plenty of options that are almost what you have in mind. Those could work in a pinch, but why settle when you can get exactly what you need for the job? By working with Stylecast Tiles, you can have a unique set of custom metal wall tiles created, so you won’t have to sacrifice any aspect of your plan.


Aluminum Performance

At Stylecast, our tiles are made with high grade aluminum, which has plenty of benefits. When you add all of its performance attributes to its relatively modest cost, it’s easy to see why so many design projects incorporate aluminum in one way or another.

Bedroom with stylecast tiles

We Have The Experience

Going with custom wall tiles is a smart choice, but only when you team up with an experienced manufacturer who can understand your demands and bring them to life. You don’t want to risk such an important project with a team that is just learning the ropes in this business. When you contact Stylecast Tiles for a custom job, you can be sure that our team is going to bring all of the knowledge and experience necessary to exceed your expectations.

stylecast® is exceptionally easy to apply, even in the case of customized solutions.

We provide planners, architects, and interior designers with comprehensive advisory consulting.


The collections native and glamour arose in co-operation with
architect and designer Hadi Teherani


The Native Collection

Nature specifies the structure.
Primal and pure.

Native. Archaic and intriguing: from the unadulterated cast ‘skin’ all the way to a brushed or anodized finish. For interiors and outdoors. For walls and façades.

Primal and natural—that’s the collection called native. The surfaces: Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto provide a tensely designed interplay of structures and reliefs in every shade offered. Whether in dark graphite and on to silvery bright or bordeaux-colored. Natural (matte), brushed, or anodized, native loves the metallic primalness that sets aluminum apart. No element is like any other. Make the most of the opportunities for designing offered by stylecast® native. With native, you skilfully set the scene for the natural beauty of aluminum. Metallically light. And both resistant and durable thereby.

Lava Black Saturn

Natural Shine Saturn

Graphite Grey Saturn

Light Bronze Saturn

Natural Saturn

Lava Black Neptune

Natural Shine Neptune

Graphite Grey Neptune

Light Bronze Neptune

Natural Neptune

Terra Red Neptune

Lava Black Pluto

Natural Shine Pluto

Graphite Grey Pluto

Light Bronze Pluto

Terra Bronze Pluto

Terra Red Pluto


The GLAMOUR Collection

High-grade metal in a luxury outfit.
For innovative interior design.

Glamour. Gleaming galvanized surfaces. Metallic hues and reflections revitalize the subject of aluminum in surprisingly new ways. For extravagant interpretations in interior design.

High-gloss and iridescent. In the collection called glamour, stylecast® gleams using galvanized surfaces. Aluminum has never been so unearthly lovely before. With glamour, the three surface structures Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are luxuriously put into effect. Aluminum with a special radiance. Orchestrate stylecast® glamour in the interior sector. Including fascinating metallic hues, this collection offers innovative opportunities for designing. For a glamorous and sophisticated statement exhibiting incomparable durability.

Copper Saturn

Chrome Fog Saturn

Dark Chrome Saturn

Black Fog Saturn

Chrome Saturn

Copper Neptune

Chrome Fog Neptune

Dark Chrome Neptune

Black Fog Neptune

Chrome Neptune

Copper Pluto

Chrome Fog Pluto

Dark Chrome Pluto

Black Fog Pluto

Chrome Pluto


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If only custom will do, and you are planning to use metal wall tiles in the completion of your current or upcoming project, Stylecast Tiles is the right partner for the job. Contact us to request a quote today!