Stylecast Tiles Extra Large Wall Tiles

Making a bold statement with interior design is not easy, but using large pieces of material is a good way to do just that. Stylecast aluminum extra-large wall tiles are designed to naturally stand out from their surroundings, in a good way. Give your next project a great focal point on which to create the rest of your design.

Go Big Or Go Home

One of the great things about using aluminum in design is the light overall weight it brings to the project. Thanks to aluminum’s lightweight nature, it’s possible to create extra large tiles without being left with something that is too heavy to manage. Even at large sizes, you’ll still find that these tiles are easily handled and installed. Where some other materials might make it nearly impossible to feature big and bold tile sizes, it’s no problem at all with aluminum!

Bedroom with stylecast tiles

How Large Is Extra Large?

When you order from Stylecast Tiles, you’ll be happy to find that you can select custom dimensions for the job at hand. We don’t want you to force predetermined dimensions into your plans, so we are proud to work with you in order to come up with a perfect, custom solution. That way, you can design the space how you see fit, knowing that our team will be ready to deliver the products you need to bring that vision to life.

With this in mind, we recommend that you don’t go larger than 39” wide and 70.00” production size overall. If you need to cover a larger space, you can of course order multiple tiles.

Many Colors & Surface Optons

If you’re picturing these tiles as a large sheet of plain, smooth aluminum, you don’t quite have the picture of what we offer at Stylecast Tiles. Our products are far from plain. Thanks to aluminum’s unique properties, we can offer a wide variety of colors and surface textures. Our tiles can be completely customized to really bring your design to life.



By blending the right surface with the proper color for your project, you’ll come away with a tile that looks like it was made specifically for your building—because it was. If you aren’t sure which surface or color to select, browse some of our popular options below, or reach out to us for assistance.


The Native Collection

Nature specifies the structure.
Primal and pure.

Native. Archaic and intriguing: from the unadulterated cast ‘skin’ all the way to a brushed or anodized finish. For interiors and outdoors. For walls and façades.

Primal and natural—that’s the collection called native. The surfaces: Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto provide a tensely designed interplay of structures and reliefs in every shade offered. Whether in dark graphite and on to silvery bright or bordeaux-colored. Natural (matte), brushed, or anodized, native loves the metallic primalness that sets aluminum apart. No element is like any other. Make the most of the opportunities for designing offered by stylecast® native. With native, you skilfully set the scene for the natural beauty of aluminum. Metallically light. And both resistant and durable thereby.

Lava Black Saturn

Natural Shine Saturn

Graphite Grey Saturn

Light Bronze Saturn

Natural Saturn

Lava Black Neptune

Natural Shine Neptune

Graphite Grey Neptune

Light Bronze Neptune

Natural Neptune

Terra Red Neptune

Lava Black Pluto

Natural Shine Pluto

Graphite Grey Pluto

Light Bronze Pluto

Terra Bronze Pluto

Terra Red Pluto


The GLAMOUR Collection

High-grade metal in a luxury outfit.
For innovative interior design.

Glamour. Gleaming galvanized surfaces. Metallic hues and reflections revitalize the subject of aluminum in surprisingly new ways. For extravagant interpretations in interior design.

High-gloss and iridescent. In the collection called glamour, stylecast® gleams using galvanized surfaces. Aluminum has never been so unearthly lovely before. With glamour, the three surface structures Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are luxuriously put into effect. Aluminum with a special radiance. Orchestrate stylecast® glamour in the interior sector. Including fascinating metallic hues, this collection offers innovative opportunities for designing. For a glamorous and sophisticated statement exhibiting incomparable durability.

Copper Saturn

Chrome Fog Saturn

Dark Chrome Saturn

Black Fog Saturn

Chrome Saturn

Copper Neptune

Chrome Fog Neptune

Dark Chrome Neptune

Black Fog Neptune

Chrome Neptune

Copper Pluto

Chrome Fog Pluto

Dark Chrome Pluto

Black Fog Pluto

Chrome Pluto





alimex Precision in Aluminum

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If you think that extra large wall tiles would be a good fit for your upcoming project, be sure to contact Stylecast Tiles at your convenience. We offer high-quality products, fair prices, and the ability to customize our offerings to meet your needs. Thank you for stopping by and we hope to serve you soon!