Stylecast Aluminum Tiles

At Stylecast, we take pride in producing high quality aluminum tiles that can be used in a wide variety of applications. These decorative metal panels are sure to turn heads wherever they are used, offering designers and architects total creative freedom with a range of surface finishes and colors. Our tiles can also be ordered in custom dimensions to best suit your needs. Here are just a few of the various product possibilities at your disposal.

Wall Cladding

Exterior wall cladding can give a space a unique, attractive look. Our aluminum tiles makes for the perfect choice in a number of different settings. Opting for architectural aluminum cladding can help your building stand out from the rest.

Architectural Panels

Need architectural metal wall panels for an upcoming project? Stylecast would love to help! We are the perfect choice as a supplier, offering decorative panels in many finishes and colors. No matter what kind of panels you have in mind for your job, there is a good chance we can fill the order.

Exterior Wall Panels

The exterior of your building is responsible for making a first impression, so make sure it is a good one. Employ the use of our exterior aluminum wall panels to offer your building a striking appearance. The easy-to-install nature of these panels means you can save time and labor while still loving the finished product.

Interior Wall Panels

You have many options available to you when covering interior walls, but the aluminum tiles from Stylecast stand out above the rest. Pick from one of our three distinct collections, or ask for assistance if you aren’t sure which is right for your project.

Façade Panels

A beautiful façade can be the calling card for a building, especially if that façade faces a high-traffic area. To elevate the appearance of your building in an affordable manner, check out the variety of aluminum façade panels offered at Stylecast.

Decorative Panels

Lightweight aluminum decorative panels are an easy way to add an interesting element to a building, whether inside or out. Match any style, and get creative with our many colors and finishes.

Designer Panel Systems

Using designer wall panel systems is an easy and efficient way to create a distinct style and look for your space. You don’t want your building to look like every other building in town, so opt for Stylecast, and carve out an appearance that is totally unique.

Extra Large Wall Tiles

For a big space that needs to be covered in a cost-effective yet visually appealing manner, extra-large wall tiles are the easy choice. Since our tiles are made from aluminum, even the extra-large versions retain a relatively light overall weight.

Modular Wall Tiles

Modular wall tiles offer you the freedom to create something interesting in your space—an option that is not present with many other types of wall cladding. Thanks to the modular and custom nature of our products, it will be easy to bring your precise vision to life.

Custom Metal Tiles

Not seeing exactly what you’re looking for on the market? Not to worry. Our custom aluminum tiles can be tailored to your needs. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything short of exactly what you have in mind for your project. Work with our talented team to develop the perfect solution for the job at hand.

Brushed Aluminum Panels

It’s hard to think of a prettier way to finish a wall than through the use of brushed aluminum panels. Our saw cut panels produce a brushed aluminum appearance that’s sure to draw the eyes of anyone that walks by.

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When you would like to receive more information on Stylecast® panels and tiles, please contact us for assistance. With countless options available in terms of size, style, color and more, there is sure to be an option that will best suit your requirements. We look forward to serving you.